Texts on Ryslavy

Ryslavy in COLLECT Arts Antiques Auctions (BE) 2016

"COLLECT Arts Antiques Auctions is the magazine for art lovers and art collectors. Each issue keeps you updated on what is hot in the world of art, antiques and design."

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Ryslavy in H-ART #151 (BE) 2015

"'7 Years of Indecency - 7 ans d'infraction - 7 jaar transgressie. 2007 - 2014' is het jongste boek van Kurt Ryslavy, de Oostenrijkse kunstenaar, wijnhandelaar en verzamelaar uit Brussel. Een gewone editie en een luxe-editie bundelt alle activiteiten van zijn door de Vlaamse overheid erkende Vereniging van Oostenrijkse Kunst- en Wijnliefhebbers. Een conceptueel kunstproject, en een verrassend overzichtsboek ..."

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Ryslavy CV @ BAM

BAM is the Flemish institute for visual, audiovisual and media art in Belgium.

"The Austrian painter, conceptual artist and poet Kurt Ryslavy invented the 'bourgeoise travesty' as an artistic expression. He realizes non-fictional juristic documents within different media. With his image-findings/inventions that he combines with writings, he goes beyond taboos of art and society. His prefered media are text, video, installation, performance, sculpture, painting and exhibition-concepts." »


Hans Theys on Ryslavy

Hans Theys (1963) is a Belgian writer, graphic designer, curator and visiting lecturer specialised in contemporary art.

"In 1979 Kurt Ryslavy began his study at the University of Vienna (philosophy) and at the University for Applied Arts Vienna. His teachers were Herbert Hrachovec and Oswald Oberhuber – he dropped out of both programs.

In 1981 he moved to Salzburg. There he worked on texts, collages and aquarels, in combination with photography. In the same year he went back to Vienna and met the artist Franz West." »


Article from Le Vif (BE) 2010

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Article from l'art même (BE) 2009

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Damien Airault on Ryslavy 2009

Damien Airault is a French art critic and exhibition curator.

"I proposed to Kurt that we work together to try and find the best way to present his multiple activities. This would take place in the small art space at my disposal in Paris: Le Commissariat. Multiple activities, since Kurt is not only 'the' importer of Austrian wine in Brussels, if not the whole of Belgium, but also an artist working in diverse media (painting, project design, installation, photography, etc.) and a discerning collector of contemporary art, furniture and rare objects." »


Eléonore Saintagnan on Ryslavy 2009

Eléonore Saintagnan is a French visual artist currently living in Brussels.

"Ce weekend, j’accompagne mon ami Grégoire Motte chez un marchand de vin autrichien qui est aussi collectionneur et qui vient de lui acheter une pièce. Il s’agit d’une lunette de toilettes dans le bois de laquelle est gravé un prénom, qui reste imprimé sur les fesses des utilisateurs un temps proportionnel à celui passé assis sur l’œuvre d’art ..." »

Written for the French contemporary art magazine Particules. Download the Article (pdf, French)