Woodland, Mountain, Desert, Arctic and Marine
Geology, Organic, Climate and Weather
Merchandise, Services and Personnel

While out haunting almost barren vast expanse (hardly built-up, furnished, populous or active) solitary ghost (all that remains of the entire cloud formations, long since emptied from the now
unhealthily blank sky) finds nothing more worthwhile to while away lengthy shifts, other than gather, hold, trap and store inhaled breath. Intake saved up and earning interest -until involuntarily regurgitated on impact after carelessly straying near and getting caught by sustained thermal current (neither noticing the other until far too late); brief, sudden and unexpected discovery and exploration of furthermost extreme limits frontier; thus barrage dirigible meets shield barrier stationed to guard border agreed upon and shared with the next neighbouring unknown territory over on the other side. Struck blow / knocked dent / burnt hole firebrands indelible stain and deep moulding into ice and crystal window. Despite (and partly due to) considerably immense force involved, misty fur worn by culprit transfers detailed feather and blossom texture, pattern and motifs upon surface. Template survives, from which comes many more new others, that evolve, transform and differ from original example, with as much improvement and deterioration.

Somewhere else altogether, from requests entered and taken, vending dispensers conduct enquiry and search and summon up all their strength and will-power; straining themselves, with all their might and for what they’re worth. Much overexertion later, the shedding of lone wept tear (nothing else) is advance-announced as vending dispensers delicately whisper out a single gasp and sigh. Without seeking recovery or aftercare, a perfumed soap bubble is inflated by glassblowing vending dispensers; safety-net catches each lone wept tear, before they even drop, then hermetically seals up. Every perfumed soap bubble bakes into a durable ampoule shell prior to quitting vending dispensers; completing preservation and display of fragile and precious lone wept tear; shock-absorbent soft-landing (supplied courtsey of friendly, obliging and ever-helpful cushioned jewellery case) breaks fall of vessel and load (after the balloon touches down, clear lid roof closes, firmly locked and snapping tight shut).

Far away from either apparently unrelated (although secretly linked and connecting indirectly) place, serviettes, flags and sails pulled and slipping off both these sources come loose and hover in a column, floating in vague registration, above some emergent shifting landscape that’s never flat, even or regular anywhere and unable to stay fixed or still. Restless terrain and vertical squadron ripple and bulge, constantly influencing already indeterminate unpredictable form, mutation and metamorphosis of each other; once established and up and running, vibrant state continues, inconclusively and unstoppable. Generated and persistent power and energy results in unresolved wave motion and tidal flow. Crumpled and torn features and earthworks and gardening exchange features and attributes; while buildings and engineering and incisions and folding mimic and rival one another.

Copyright, Douglas Park, 2005